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March 16, 2022 4 min read 3 Comments

Here at Garthenor HQ we’ve flung open the doors and the sun is streaming in on our machines, lighting up our beautiful shades of wool. With a change of the seasons it's time to refresh your wardrobe. It's about time to whip out the colourful clothing and find yourself some warmer tones.

We’ve picked out the trendiest colours from our Beacons and Preseli ranges to keep you up to date with the Spring/Summer 2022 colour palette predictions. We’re celebrating all the shades this season, from bright and bold to moody and muted. Keep reading to find out how you can too!

First up is Koi - the peachiest pink of your dreams

Koi is the same shade as those warm summer evening sunsets when the sun dips between the clouds and paints the sky a pastel pink hue. She’s the kind of pink which brightens your fruit bowl up when you’ve just bought fresh peaches. She’s the hue of the blooming cherry blossom on a Sunday morning walk in Spring.

She’s also right on trend for SS22! As an updated orangey tone she’s bang on for this season and will give your wardrobe the lift it needs.


Another trend we’re seeing in SS22 is sweater vests… imagine a Koi sweater vest over a white shirt and dark trousers… we’ve got business casual sorted! Whether it's for the office or only your back garden, Koi coloured knitwear is what you need. She’s bright, vibrant, and happy but also offers a more sophisticated look with her heathery undertones.

Next is Butternut - the softest yellow you ever did see

Butternut is warm spring mornings in yarn form. She’s the soft, hazy shade you can make out when you’re just waking up to the sun streaming through your curtains. She’s the yellow of wild daffodils lining the paths which weave through our forests. She’s the shade of citrine, a crystal said to bring positivity and optimism.

Butternut is the colour we all need to wake us from our winter blues and boost us into spring. As a golden shade she is perfect for this season!
Can you think of any better motivation to drag yourself out of bed in these springtime mornings than a soft pair of Butternut socks? Neither can we. They’re the perfect colour to start your day off right and bring a smile to your face. She’s a chirpy kind of shade and exactly what we’ve all been in need of.

As a Beacons yarn, she’s one of our most well travelled yarns and will no doubt bring some of the sun from the Falkland Islands into your home.

On a more subdued note, here is Wild Olive - an ‘always’ kind of green

Wild Olive is a spruce green and the exact shade of pine trees in springtime sunshine. She’s the gentle, soothing kind of green that you see a blur of out of your aeroplane window as you return home. She’s the shade of a ripe avocado at a farmer’s market stall, just asking to be taken home with you.

For us, Wild Olive is a comforting reminder of the scenery all around the farm and we think that we’ve managed to capture that perfectly within her deep, heathery tone. She’s also spot on for SS22 for those who fancy a more muted shade.

A snuggly jumper in Wild Olive is sure to be a wardrobe staple for years to come. An evergreen shade for an ever-stylish item couldn’t be more fitting.

Finally, Kettle - the deepest, darkest bluey green

Kettle captures the depth of the ocean which we live beside, showing us the murky depths beneath the surface. She’s the dark, unknown habitats of whales and sharks. She is what the light hardly reaches but can just be found peeking through tentacles of pink sea fan. She’s a perfect representation of the Welsh coast and the place we call home. Slightly dangerous but beyond beautiful.

Kettle is right on trend for this season as a grey casted gunmetal colour, and she couldn’t be more perfect for the moodier days of spring when we feel somehow closer to winter than summer. She's soft to the touch and perfect for those darker days when you just want to hide beneath blankets in the comfort of your home, away from the untamed weather. Perhaps a pair of mittens in Kettle, or a warm hat, would be sure to capture the turn of the seasons perfectly. She’s dark and moody and sure to never go out of style.

As both Beacons and Preseli yarns, these skeins are all derived from a beautiful blend of Polwarth, Romney and Hebridean wool for next-to-the-skin softness and stunning texture. Worsted spun for smoothness, drape and lustre, these yarns are perfect for knitting your new wardrobe.

Preseli is a 4ply weight and a 4-fold construction for excellent stitch definition. At 200m per 50g, Preseli is super flexible as a sweater and shawl yarn, or you can use just one skein to make wrist warmers or mittens. Happy knitting!

Beacons is a little heavier as a DK weight and its 3-fold construction gives plenty of bounce. 135m per 50g skein.

So whether you’re the bright ‘almost summer’ kind, or the more subdued ‘still winter’ kind of springtime person, we’ve got you covered. Update your wardrobe this season with the help of our Beacons and Preseli yarns to breathe a breath of fresh air into your clothes.

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May 20, 2022

I’m not a very trendy person, but pantone colors really light my brain up for some reason… This kind of marketing totally gets me! I hope you’ll do more for future seasons. Matching pantone colors with your yarn and suggesting project ideas is so fun and appealing. ♥️


March 26, 2022

I love your description of ‘kettle’ – I’ve dithered over it a few times and not been able to judge the colour well enough on my screen, but now I know I need to use it!


March 22, 2022

Such beautiful colors! Thank you for highlighting these!

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