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Hand Washing

A Little extra love for your knits


Warm Water


Fill a clean sink with warm water

About 30°C / 86°F is ideal

Add your favourite wool-friendly detergent. We're fans of Greenscents


in to Soak


Gently place your knits into the water and push down, so that they're fully saturated with soapy water

Make sure not to agitate as it goes in the water - this could risk felting

Leave to soak - anywhere from about 10 minutes to half an hour should do




Take your knits out of the water, and lay on a dry, clean towel

Be careful not to wring out - this will stretch and felt the fibres

Roll up in the towel, like a swiss roll

Squeeze tightly to get as much water as possible out




Lay out flat on a fresh towel - don't hang to dry

Once completely dry, store in an airtight container to protect from moths