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July 15, 2022 4 min read

A new season has rolled around and it's time to whip out the warmer knits. It doesn’t feel like a moment has passed since I wrote about spring knitting way back when I joined the team in March, but here we are! The sun is shining and my favourite time of year is upon us - bring on beach sunsets, salty hair, and sand between my toes (and in everything else I own as well but I suppose that's the price you’ve got to pay!). I’ve been doing my research and have found the colours of the season, keep up with the trends with Garthenor this summer with these shades…

Poppy - dramatic red

Poppy is the kind of dramatic red which will forever be on trend. It's deep, alluring, and flirty. I love the way it pops regardless of what it's paired with - it’ll catch your eye whether it's with a dark brown or a pastel pink. Poppy is the standout shade of a classic red lipstick, or strawberries piled high on a pavlova, or a ladybug creeping across the table at lunchtime. It's unmistakable and striking - the perfect attention grabbing shade.

Available in our Cairngorm and Pentland ranges, Poppy is designed to be paired with our Number 1 and 2 yarns as a pop of colour. A match spun in heaven. As a Pentland yarn, Poppy comes at a 4ply/sport weight - perfect for a bold jumper, or an eye-catching cardigan. As a Cairngorm yarn, Poppy is lace weight, ideal for lacework and lightweight shawls. Make your next beach coverup in Poppy and catch everyone’s eye.

Marmalade - softest orange

Marmalade is the calm, gentle, softly glowing kind of orange. It's the shade the sun paints the sky just after it has dipped below the horizon and the colour of almost-ripe oranges weighing heavily on delicate branches. I love that it captures the warmth of summer so perfectly within its almost-neutral shade - the ultimate summer staple.

As a colour in both our Beacons and Preseli ranges, Marmalade is available in DK and 4ply weight, making it super versatile. Knit up a summer sweater in DK, and an evening shawl in 4ply. Both our Beacons and Preseli ranges are worsted spun, making them the softest and drapiest yarns you ever did see. A yarn as soft as the shade it's dyed in.

Tilia - punchy chartreuse

Tilia is aptly named after the leaves of a Tilia tree, which are the same distinctive bright yellow, almost-green colour. It might be a difficult colour to pull off, but for those that are able to wear this vibrant colour, any outfit will be instantly elevated. Bold, fresh, and daring, Tilia is perfect for standing out from the crowd.

Available in 4ply (Preseli) and DK (Beacons) weight, Tilia is perfect for your soft and drapey knits. Preseli has a 4-fold construction for excellent stitch definition. At 200m per 50g, Preseli is super flexible as a sweater and shawl yarn, or you can use just one skein to make wrist warmers or mittens. Beacons has a 3-fold construction which gives plenty of bounce, and comes as 135m per 50g skein.

Blazer - deepest blue

Blazer is the perfect navy blue ‘neutral’ shade of summer. It's the blue of the sea when the sun hits the surface and travels deep, deep down to the ocean floor; the shade of blueberries ready for picking; and the colour of blue irises. It's the ultimate elevated navy blue, perfect for those who love the colour but seek a depth which most blues can’t quite offer.

As a colour available in Beacons, Preseli, and Pentland, Blazer is one of our most versatile colours at a DK, 4ply, and Sport weight. Knit up a variety of projects in Blazer - from snuggly jumpers, to soft socks, Blazer has got you covered. For the Beacons and Preseli ranges, Blazer is worsted spun giving it clear stitch definition and drape to die for, whereas the Pentland and Cairngorm ranges are woollen spun for the bounciest yarns you ever did see.

Raspberry - brightest pink

The brightest pink you ever did see, Raspberry is the bubblegum pink of a summer’s daydream. Bright and full of the colours of the season, you’ll spot Raspberry all around you in the form of Hibiscus flowers, or even an Elephant moth (if you haven’t seen one, look it up! I saw one last week in Cardiff and they’re the most not-real looking creature you’ll ever see). It’s the kind of pink which is almost unnatural but if you look hard enough you’ll always find it. The perfect not-so-subtle shade of summer.

Available in both Beacons and Preseli, Raspberry is perfect for your soft, drapey knits in either a 4ply or DK weight. As both Beacons and Preseli yarns, these skeins are derived from a beautiful blend of Polwarth, Romney and Hebridean wool for next-to-the-skin softness and stunning texture. Worsted spun for smoothness, drape and lustre, these yarns are perfect for knitting your new wardrobe.

Paphos - electric blue

As a bright, electric blue, Paphos is ideal for standing out. As distinctive as Poppy, and as classic as Blazer, Paphos will forever be a favourite. Perfect for this summer as a bold take on such a classic colour, Paphos is the ultimate brilliant blue.

Paphos can be found in our Beacons, Preseli, and Pentland ranges - one of our most versatile colours. Knit up a jumper in our delicious DK range, Beacons, or stitch the softest shawl from our 4ply range, Preseli. Pentland is also a 4ply weight but is woollen spun, meaning that the yarn has softer stitch definition and a much more rustic feel.

Summer is here to stay. Give your wardrobe the lift it needs to flourish with the season.

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