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July 19, 2022 2 min read

Since partnering with Ecologi back in 2020, we’ve been committed to planting a tree for every product sold on our website or at shows. This means planting a tree for every single skein, tote-bag, or pair of socks which leaves our shelves. We just crossed a massive milestone, 25,000 trees planted. The majority of the trees are in mangrove swamps in Madagascar, but there are also some in Mozambique, Kenya, and Uganda. We’re having a global impact.

We chose Ecologi because it is held to the highest possible ethical, environmental, and social standards.They’re a B corp which means that they’re committed to transparency and accountability of their impactful climate solutions. They’re dedicated to planting trees to reverse climate change. This works because trees sequester carbon which is already in the atmosphere, whilst also reducing average global temperatures. They operate by working with a network of amazing tree planting partners who responsibly plant millions of trees a month on Ecologi’s behalf.

Although it is true that if monocultures (a large area of only one tree species) are planted instead of mixed forests, ecological dead zones are created. In addition to this, there is the risk of a non-native species becoming invasive and destroying biodiversity as well. Another argument against tree planting is that, depending on the local environment, trees may not be the most effective way to sequester carbon - for example, in California, a drought-prone area, grasslands are much more effective than forests at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It's about more than just actions, it's about considering impact, and this is why we love Ecologi. They work on impactful, on-the-ground, local projects to combat climate change.

We are posed with a choice: to plant trees or not. Despite any small contentions, we couldn’t be prouder of the choice we have made as a global company to have a climate positive impact. We’re 25,000 trees into our journey and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Click here to plant your trees and be part of our climate positive impact.

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