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The secret to what makes Preseli our softest ever yarn?
It all starts with the finest Polwarth wool grown in the Falkland Islands, sourced from a single flock on Dunbar Island. Into the mix we bring our signature blends of Romney and Hebridean fleece to bring texture and a gradient of greys, perfect for dyeing.
The fibre is expertly spun in Yorkshire with the magic of over a century of spinning experience in worsted spinning.
The magic of colour is imbued in one of the finest dyeworks in the country, a meticulous process of sampling and perfecting recipes, each one unique to Garthenor Organic.
The final steps are to gently twist and hand finish each and every skein at our mill in the heart of West Wales.
Every step in the process is certified organic to Global Organic Textile Standards for complete acocuntability, transparency and responsibility.


Smooth and soft with crisp stitch definition.

40+ Shades in the palette.


Fingering/4ply weight

75% Polwarth, 0-25% Romney, 0-25% Hebridean

200 metres / 219 yards per 50g skein

Wool Matters

It's simple really, you can't make great yarn without great wool as a starting point. That's why all our fibre is sourced from world class organic woolgrowers around the UK and in the Falkland Islands, producing a variety of breeds from crisp and crunchy mountain wools to the finest, silkiest finewools.

By working directly with farms, we have a connection with every flock, every shepherd and every farm that grows our wool, starting an unbreakable chain of traceability from sheep to skein.

Built on Heritage

Our yarns are all born from decades of experience with fibre, generations of woolgrowers and centuries of textile history. This time is imbued in every skein we make, each one made slowly, purposefully and gently. There's no rushing where we're from, not even when it comes to making yarn.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, which is why each and every skein is certified organic and climate positive we'll also plant a tree for every skein you buy.

Read more about our sustainability below.

Animal Welfare

Happy sheep grow good wool, it's that simple.

It's possible to read the story of a sheep's health and happiness through the staple of her wool, just like the rings of a tree.

That's just part of why our flocks are subject to the highest animal welfare standards in the world.