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Preseli Marl Collection Colour Guide

Every marl in this limited edition collection is made up of a main colour and contrast. Check out the main listing for Preseli to see the solid colours!

Marl Number
 Main Colour
Contrast Colour
Marl 01 Slate Willow
Marl 02 Slate Dragonfly
Marl 03 Cadet Heron
Marl 04 Holly Sycamore
Marl 05 Slate Elderberry
Marl 06 Slate Kettle
Marl 07 Holly Slate
Marl 08 Slate Orchard
Marl 09 Wild Heather Holly
Marl 10 Slate Blazer
Marl 11 Holly Gorse
Marl 12 Holly Poppit
Marl 13 Slate Holly
Marl 14 Paphos Rigging
Marl 15 Lichen Kettle
Marl 16 Holly Rigging
Marl 17 Slate Koi
Marl 18 Holly Lichen
Marl 19 Holly Tilia
Marl 20 Baked Crimson Holly
Marl 21 Slate Paphos