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Our Mission.

We've always been guided by our aims, click below to read about our mission.


We make certified organic, pure wool yarns that are kind to the planet, people and animals.

And we're thrilled you're here to say hello.

1 skein = 1 tree

We've partnered with Eden Reforestation to plant one tree for every skein of yarn sold here on garthenor.com.

We'll also plant one for every bag, pair of socks, mini skein set or anything else we sell too.

100% Organic

We're pretty proud of the fact that we created the original certified organic wool yarn - the first in the world.

The standards we helped write almost 20 years ago became part of GOTS in 2006, and we've been certified since day 1.

This covers animal welfare, chemical inputs, working conditions, and ethical standards throughout every step of production, so you can knit with a clear conscience.

Climate Positive

We calculate the CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) of all our products and offset twice what is produced.

Each skein of yarn produces around 1.48kgCO2e during its lifecycle: growing, manufacturing, washing, disposal.

We also take into account travel, shows, packaging and every other thing that we do that has an impact.

We offset 3kg of CO2 for every skein we sell.

Responsible Packaging

Our packaging is made from about 95% recycled content.

That's not quite enough for us - we're aiming for 100%, and we're getting there.

It's also all recyclable, and except for the yarn loop, 100% compostable.