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Organic Wool Stuffing


Perfect for toys, cushions and other projects, our stuffing is made from 100% certified organic wool, guaranteeing it is made in an ethical and environmentally conscious way.

A byproduct of worsted spinning, this stuffing is made on Clint, our 1980s Rectilinear Comb. As Clint clatters back and forth, gently and carefully combing out the shortest fibres from our prepared sliver, these short fibres are collected below, then bagged up ready for you to use as stuffing!

Choose from Natural Black or Natural White in our more rustic British Wool blends, sourced directly from a handful of organic farms, perfect for more hardwearing items such as cushions.

For toys and more delicate items, choose the Ultrasoft option. Pure, snow white Polwarth-Merino wool from the Falkland Islands for the softest touch.

Upon arrival we recommend lightly fluffing up the stuffing, as it is compressed for shipping.