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Fair Isle Knitting

Carefully designed with colourwork in mind, Number 2 and Pentland bloom beautifully upon wet block to create a stunning, even fabric.

Use Number 2 for gentle, undyed neutrals and Pentland to add a pop of colour - they're designed to work together perfectly.

Each and every skein is Certified Organic, Climate Positive and Breed Specific, and we'll plant a tree for every single one sold.

Fairisle Knitting

Fair Isle Knitting

Each of the very special yarns below has been carefully designed for colourwork.

Their woollen spun construction gently blooms upon blocking to create a stunning, even fabric.

Pentlnd and Number 2 were created to work together: one a colourful pure lambswool, the other a set of gentle, undyed neutrals.

All certified organic, climate positive and made in Britain.