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March 30, 2022 5 min read

Our local beach is the picturesque Poppit Sands - yes it really is as cute as it sounds! Our Mill is just 3 miles from the shore, making it our nearest (and dearest!) beach. We love that the sea seems to stretch until the end of the earth from Poppit, and that on a warm summer’s evening we can watch the sunset over the headland.

Poppit is a delicate balance of so many tidal changes as home to an estuary, a sandbar, and an island too. The power of nature shown at Poppit inspires us every day. We create yarns which leave the environment wild and free, as it should be, and Poppit reminds us of this - we believe that our wool captures the untamed, raw nature of the coastline which we call home.

Today we’ve rounded up 5 colours which we think represent Poppit best, keep reading to find out how you can bring a little bit of the Welsh coast into your home.

Preseli in Cinder

For us Cinder is the colour of the soft sand which gets stuck between your toes at the beach, or the sand you find in the bottom of your shoes weeks after you even went to the sea - it's a gentle reminder to visit the coast again when you’ve been stuck at home for too long. The novelty of a sandy beach has yet to wear off on us and we seize every opportunity to run down to the shore. Cinder is the perfect colour to represent the joy of rounding the last corner of your ‘are we nearly there yet?!’ journey and having the sea come into view.

As part of our Preseli range, Cinder is as soft as the sand she was inspired by and is the perfect weight to stitch your new wardrobe with. Let the Welsh coastline hug around you and you’ll no doubt feel the warmth of the place that we call home.

Pentland in Atlantic

Atlantic is a marl of one our blue shades, Blazer, and our dyed grey shade, Steel. We think it captures the colours of the Poppit seascape perfectly! After their journey around the world, the waves meet our Welsh shores with a white crest. This happens when the water droplets in the wave capture the glistening light and scatter it in every direction. This is what creates the familiar white crest which you’ll find running over your toes as every new wave rolls in. Paired with the deep, dark blue of our ocean, the most beautiful blend is born. It really is the colour of your ‘I can see the sea!’ moment.

As one of our Pentland shades, Atlantic is ideal for a new beach coverup and can add a pop of colour when used with our undyed Number 2. Although Poppit borders the Irish sea, the Atlantic is never far away and our yarns can help bring its vast, untamed beauty into your home.

Preseli in Kettle

Kettle captures the depth of the Irish sea which is beside Poppit, showing us the murky depths beneath the surface. She’s the dark, unknown home to Wales’ family of bottlenose dolphins who come to our shores to have their calves. Kettle is the perfect darker shade of the ocean for the days when the clouds inevitably obscure our fleeting moments of sun and our landscape returns to its traditionally muted palette of blues and greens.

As another member of our Preseli range, Kettle is derived from a beautiful blend of Polwarth and Romney for next-to-the-skin softness and stunning texture. We like to think of our rows of knitting as peaks and troughs of waves, all rolling gently towards the shore. Create your own seascape with Kettle and Poppit’s perfect-ness will be woven into your project.

Preseli in Bevan

Our Bevan shade was named during COVID after Aneurin Bevan - a politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the NHS. We were inspired by the NHS colours and created a marl of deep navy blue Blazer and our cool grey Cinder to form Bevan. Throughout COVID the beach was a happy constant for us and we learnt the value of the place we call home even more. Bevan will always remind us of our ‘unprecedented’ COVID years and the ways in which we learnt to adapt, overcome, and appreciate.

Bevan reminds us of the unchanging nature of Poppit, the way the waves will always come home to the shore, and the constant rumble of the sea. It's the only place which didn’t seem affected by COVID and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. Bevan is the colour of Poppit when the sun is shining overhead and the waves are so gentle that they only seem to float across the sand and then retreat back to the sea equally as delicately.

You can find Bevan in our Preseli range, along with Cinder and Kettle. This makes them perfect for stitching up clothes and allowing yourself to be wrapped in some of the comfort of our beach. To us, Poppit feels like home and through Bevan we hope that we can share that with you too.

Number 3 in Merlin

Finally, Merlin. The shade of the dunes at Poppit which are home to our adder population. We love how much wildlife there is here in West Wales, and Merlin represents this perfectly. Marram grass grows tall and wild across the dunes, forming the perfect habitat for the last of the not-quite-sea-creatures. It's the most ‘land’ part of our seascape and the perfect place to leave the problems of normal life and pick up a ‘holiday’ frame of mind.

As a marl of Smoke and Chalk, Merlin is the perfect combination for more neutral knitting, allowing the focus to be made on the intricacy of the stitches which are woven throughout your clothes. Number 3 is undyed, and created by twisting three ends of Number 1 - it's as pure as it comes and perfect for breathing some Welsh sea air into your wardrobe.

Take yourself on holiday with your next project and weave some of Poppit’s warmth throughout your stitches. Cinder, Atlantic, Kettle, Bevan, and Merlin will take you on a journey to the beach - past the tiny cafe in the dunes, all the way down to where sand meets sea, and across the bay out to the Irish Sea. Enjoy breathing a breath of sea air into your clothes and feeling them fill with a reminder of the beach and the place that we call home.

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