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April 23, 2024 2 min read

We’ve nearly made it two consecutive days without rain here in West Wales (if you don’t count the hail storm this morning...) and so it seems time to tentatively start thinking about summer knits. Lighter layers to both work on during the summer months when you don’t want a lap full of a chunky cabled jumper, and to wear on cooler evenings. 

That’s where our lace-weight yarns Number 1 and Cairngorm come in! Currently on sale whilst we make room in the mill for the new yarn we’re spinning, read on to find out a bit more about the yarn as well as some pattern inspiration. 

Number 1 is our classic laceweight, spun delicately to reflect the stunning tones of the Shetland sheep that grow the wool. Sourced from three farms including our own here in West Wales, each heathery tone contains up to seven individual shades of fibre.

Designed to compliment the classic range of undyed shades in Number 1, Cairngorm is crafted from pure Romney Lambswool sourced from a single Wiltshire flock.

Both 350 metres / 383 per 50g skein

Pattern Edit for Lacewight Yarn





Isabell Kraemer


Seamless top down sweater with stunning lace detail, uses 4-5 skeins of Number 1 or Cairngorm






Sally Davies


Sally crafted Ceilidh as a simple repeating pattern that has been designed to be easily wearable whatever the weather. Uses 2 skeins. A free pattern for you to enjoy with our yarn!








A large shawl contrasting garter stitch stripes with delicate lace, Whiteout is the
perfect project to wrap yourself up in.
Uses 2 skeins of each colour.











Sari Nordlund


Unfolding beautifully combines twisted ribbing, geometric lace, elongated garter stitch and eyelets into a staple shawl. Uses 5 skeins.






Susie Haumann


A delightful little single skein pattern, this bandana compliments Number 1 and Cairngorms softer stitch definition. Uses 1 skein.







Midori Hirose


Create a light, spring layer with textured stitches and lace details in the yoke. This pattern has endless options for
customisation too.


If you end up making any of these, or another design using Number 1 or Cairngorm do email us a photo or tag us on instagram (@garthenor), as we’d love to see!

As this is a discount to clear space on the shelves, this is your only chance to get hold of this lovely yarn with a discount. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Click here to shop the sale!

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