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December 13, 2021 2 min read

With our imminent move down the coast to our new space in Cardigan, we're clearing the shelves with a moving sale!

Day 2 is all about one of the extra special breeds here on the farm: the Ryeland. Known locally as Garthenor's Teddy Bears, these are the sweetest sheep around, and their wool is bouncy, lofty and full of crimp.

We're bringing you the last few skeins of a single release yarn from a few months ago: Llyndu.

I've shepherded our small flock of Ryelands here at Garthenor for over 25 years. As breeds have come and gone and inevitable changes have happened, the Ryelands are a steady constant.

I originally chose these traditional downland sheep for their wool - long before making yarn commercially I was a hand spinner and knitter, and I've built up quite the wardrobe of winterwear from this wool.

Whilst we know the flocks and farmers of every breed of sheep on our shelves, nothing quite compares to home grown fibre from the sheep in our own fields.

Llyndu has always been intended as a celebration of this connection, just two natural shades from the two variants of the breed, an off-white and a grey/brown tone.

Llyndu Lace

Llyndu Lace is woollen spun to a laceweight as a pair of gorgeous undyed shades; a warm and creamy white and a rich, earthy grey/brown.

Woollen spinning is absolutely perfect for the Ryeland fibre, as it captures the bounce and crimp of the wool, making a particular warm yarn, even as a laceweight.

Designed to perfectly match our Number 1 and Cairngorm bases, we're also offering 10% off each of these when ordered alongside Llyndu by using the code LLYNDU at checkout.

Llyndu Lace is 350m and approximately 50g per skein.

Llyndu 4ply

By twisting together two ends of Llyndu Lace we can create a yarn that matches our classic 4ply bases Number 2 and Pentland. Each and every skein has been twisted, wound and washed right here on the farm that grew the wool.

Llyndu 4ply also adds a third shade, a stunning marl of the two neutrals twisted together.

We're offering 10% off Number 2 and Pentland when ordered alongside Llyndu 4ply by using the code LLYNDU at checkout.

Llyndu 4ply is 175m and approximately 50g per skein.

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