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June 16, 2022 4 min read

Here is the list of our final 13 non-UK, non-US stockists - all the ones a bit further afield. Destination yarn stores.

1. Farm to Cable Yarns, Ontario, Canada

This online yarn store champions slow yarn - the type of yarn which is sustainably produced and sourced. They’re part of the slow fashion movement and passionate about our planet, making them a perfect fit for our climate positive ethos. We love that they share our beliefs of mindful making and always look forward to seeing what they’ve stitched up lately!

2. Laine et Tricot, France

Laine et Tricot, which translates to ‘Wool and Knitting’, was established in 2006 with a desire to offer selected wool products which focused on ethical responsibility, such as ours. Gwenola, the owner, has knitted for years and makes conscious choices to honour our planet as much as possible in her work, making sustainable yarn the thing for her!

3. Maison Bonpoil, France

Maison Bonpoil’s mission is to only source wool that respects animals, people, and the environment throughout all of production and manufacturing processes. They love natural, ethical, and traceable yarns, making us the perfect fit!

4. Making stories, Germany

Making Stories came together out of a love for 2 things - knitting and sustainability. They publish a bi-yearly magazine which our yarns feature in - Issue 7 came out recently if you fancy knitting up our yarn into their ‘Sea Forest’ socks. It is 136 recycled-paper-pages of woolly goodness and timeless designs. Through their selection of yarns and publications they hope to encourage and empower their customers to create projects that they’ll love and wear for years to come. 

5. MCU Slovel/2Sheeps, Slovakia

2 Sheeps is our Slovenian stockist, they offer a variety of wool fibre yarns. The owner is particularly passionate about breed-specific yarn and the story from sheep to shelf, which is why they stock our totally traceable, absolutely organic yarn.

6. Rauwerk, Germany

The fundamental principle behind Rauwerk Wool lies firmly in working with, and not against, Mother Nature. They stock only ethical and sustainable yarns from suppliers all over the world, as well as from their own sheep. We love how much they’re doing for sustainability and traceability.

7. The Fibre Nook, Canada

The Fibre Nook is an independent and locally owned yarn shop in Alberta, Canada which specialises in high quality fibre and stocks a variety of indie yarn brands. They have cosy spaces within their shop for you to sit back, relax, and get on with your latest project… we love this idea!

8. Newtown House, New Zealand

Newtown House is a quirky, arty, and independent space in Washington for creatives to come together and enjoy everything from knitting and crochet to crockery and cutlery making. We love Amy and Nick’s enthusiasm for anything and everything creative and quirky! They love our yarn and what we do so we’re very proud to be a part of their curated collection of yarns.

9. The Knitting Loft, Toronto, Canada

The Knitting Loft is a mother/daughter owned yarn shop and knitting café based in Toronto, Canada, which combines a modern aesthetic with a fun and social shopping experience! They focus on natural fibre, indie-dyed, and rustic yarns. Described as a "candy store" and “yarn heaven”, The Knitting Loft is a must visit yarn destination!

10. Feather Your Nest, Ontario, Canada

Feather Your Nest is an independent emporium which sources exceptional products from all over the world. They stock our yarn as part of their curated collection of hand dyed, luxury fibre knitting yarns. We love what they’re doing for Canadian knitters and hope to visit soon!

11. Nougatbar Knits, South Korea

Yoonjae of Noughatbar Knits is passionate about bringing ethical knitting to South Korea and making natural fibres more accessible for those local to her. The independent yarn store focuses on working with similarly independent brands, such as ours, and curating a selection of products from labels she admires.

12. Les Garçons, France

Les Garçons, which translates to ‘The Boys’, is a French yarn shop stocking a selection of luxury yarns, as well as their own knitting patterns. They’ve started stocking our yarn recently and we love what they’re doing to diversify the yarn industry, as well as support ethical and sustainable practices.

13. Nurja, Finland

Nurja is one of our more recent stockists and stocks a selection of interesting yarns. Their shop is half shop, half living room and it couldn’t be cuter! They aim to unite the knitters of the community and bring the local creatives together in a cosy, supportive atmosphere. We look forward to seeing what they knit up in our yarns!

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