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June 08, 2022 3 min read

We've compiled a list of our stockists in the United States for all our American customers, anyone who fancies a woolly road trip, or even any holidaymakers looking for their nearest yarn fix. Which one is the closest to you?

1. Close Knit

Close-knit is the go-to LYS of Portland, offering a wide selection of luxury yarns and a wealth of friendly and helpful advice. It's a very small and intimate shop but we think this is what makes it quite so endearing… they’re also part of the Rose City Yarn Crawl for anyone who would like a day out to the yarn stores of Portland.

2. Do Ewe Knit

Do Ewe Knit? Is a luxury yarn boutique in New Jersey, they stock prestige yarns for every budget or project. They say that ‘Customer service is my mantra, knitting is my passion!’ which is very clear from their cult following - we can only dream of being such a knit-fluencer like them!

3. Pick Up Every Stitch

This New York yarn boutique focuses on independent companies which inspire originality and encourage creativity. They carry a wide selection of yarns for every project, and often run classes within the community. We love what they’re doing for New York knitters and hope to visit soon!

4. The Woolly Thistle

The Woolly Thistle is an online yarn store based in the US which loves yarn with a story and a little woolly wanderlust. They source a variety of quality yarns from independent yarn producers, such as ourselves. They have scoured the globe for hard to find knitting yarn from small producers and independent mills to curate a shop of all the woolly goodness they could find.

5. Prado De Lana

Prado De Lana, which translates to ‘Meadow of wool’ is a family run wool shop in Massachusetts which specialises in rare breed yarns. We’re one of their few select suppliers. They're just as passionate as us about rustic, breed specific yarns and the incredible properties of well evolved yarns.

6. Making Magazine

Making is a bi-yearly themed magazine of projects for knitters and makers. They're passionate about the sustainability of knitting as an aspect of slow fashion. Making Magazine is all about timeless style and pieces you can wear again and again, making our natural, sustainable wool the ideal pairing for their designs.

7. Slowfiber

The shop is full of pre-owned supplies as well as new-sustainable-only maker-goods. Their goal is to help perpetuate the life-cycle of products and keep waste to a minimum. They also host craft sessions for their customers to learn new skills, and allow them to live more sustainably.

8. The Modern Skein

With carefully curated yarns, knitting and crocheting accessories, The Modern Skein strives to be your fresh, modern, go to source for all your craft needs. They stock exotic, plant-based, and luxury yarns, as well as a wide selection of knitting accessories.

9. Stars Hollow Yarns

Stars Hollow Yarns, inspired by the community in the fictional town of Stars Hollow in the hit TV show Gilmore Girls where a community of people have stories to tell, is another of our most recent stockists. They focus on yarns with a story, and sourcing stock from businesses that care for the world and the people in it.

10. O-Wool

O-Wool is a small company with the goal of providing knitters and crafters with a yarn that is environmentally responsible, affordable, and made locally. Jocelyn, the owner, has a passion for animal welfare and interest in environmental sustainability, leading her to take over O-Wool and curate a selection of the most ethical yarn goods possible.

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