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December 11, 2021 2 min read

Last week we had our annual Soil Association and GOTS inspection, which takes place over a couple of days. This is the process that certifies us to Global Organic Textile Standards, where we verify that all our yarns are made ethically, organically and in an environmentally conscious way. It also links in with our farm inspection - if you're new here, Garthenor is actually the name of our organic hillside smallholding in the Welsh mountains.

It's a pretty stressful couple of days, with the inspector poring over every piece of paperwork, checking the traceability and journey of everything we make, but we're thrilled to say that we passed both inspections with flying colours once again this year!

This year had a little extra to the GOTS inspection, which leads us into our second piece of news…

A Black & White image of an articulated lorry, with the curtain open to show that it's full to the brim of dismantled textile machinery. Jonny of Garthenor Organic smiles at the camera as he unstraps the machinery.

We're on the move!

At the end of last year we were both invited down to a small town on the West Wales coast, fittingly named Cardigan. As we wandered around a former textile factory that had sat quiet for years, the magic of the vast space sparked an idea.

Over the last few years, we’ve been steadily taking over the old sheds on the farm, and we’re slightly overflowing with yarn, fleece and machinery. It felt like everything coming together at the right time - we need a place to grow, and this amazing building needs a new life.

A year later, we’re almost ready to make the move. One of the last steps before we could tell you was for the new space to pass its GOTS inspection, which it did!

We’ve got big plans for the new spot in Cardigan, and over the coming weeks we’ll show you around and bring you along the journey.

In case you’re worrying about the regular doses of lamb photos - don’t! The farm is going nowhere, and neither are the sheep.

There's so much to move down to our new space that we're going to have a bit of a winter moving sale to empty the shelves a little (and make our lives a whole lot easier!). The moving sale starts tomorrow, and we'll be updating the offers each day over the next week or so with more yarns - including some favourite single releases that you thought had gone forever.

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