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August 02, 2022 4 min read

Ceibwr Bay is about 8 miles from the Mill, and one of Wales’ most interesting geological sites. The cliffs are made up of millions of years worth of rock strata, creating the most intricately defined layers of slate and limestone which form the harsh backdrop to a beach of grey-brown pebbles. A striking Welsh seascape.

We love the seemingly infinite shades of grey which can be found scattered across the bay at Ceibwr. From very pale sandstone to darker slate pebbles, the beach truly has every grey you can imagine. This week we took our grey shades out for a trip to the coast and colour matched them to Ceibwr so you can bring a little bit of the wild Welsh coastline into your home.

Preseli Marble

Marble is the perfect nearly-white shade of local limestone and the lightest layers of the sediment in our cliffs. It's the pale thread of years gone by woven into the patchwork backdrop of our favourite beach. On a sunny day it almost seems as though this white-grey shade glows out from the shade of the rockface.

Our Marble yarn is a marl of the purest white shade, Rigging, and our light grey shade, Cinder. Of the 4 plies, 3 are rigging and 1 is cinder, making this the whitest shade of grey ever (...or the greyest shade of white?!). Both Rigging and Cinder are the most beautiful blends of Polwarth, Romney and Hebridean fibre sourced from the Falkland Islands, South West England, South Wales and the Scottish Highlands.. As a worsted spun yarn, Preseli is perfect for drapey garments with exceptional stitch definition. Elevate your grey projects with our Preseli yarn and bring the texture of the Welsh coastline into your home.

Quartz is the slightly darker shade of Ceibwr’s limestone. The lower layers of the cliffs which high tide just reaches, or the larger, less weathered limestone rocks strewn across the seashore. It's an untouched kind of grey and one you don’t quite know whether to call white or grey. It doesn’t glow quite like Marble but it's too bright to blend into a sea of greys - the perfect standout shade.

Just like Marble, Quartz is a Preseli shade, meaning that it is a 4ply construction, but, unlike Marble, it is made up of 2 ends of Rigging and 2 of Cinder - the perfect balance of light and dark. 19 micron Polwarth fleece makes up 75% of Preseli’s base, making it our softest yarn ever - ideal for snuggly shawls to throw on after a dip in the sea.

Preseli Quartz

Number 2 Boulder

Boulder is the grey of the lightest slate rocks - the kind which you can just see a fossil hiding in the corner of. Slate makes up the darker layers of Ceibwr’s cliffs, and the majority of the pebbles on the beach - a legacy of years gone by. The diversity of grey is one which cannot be underestimated and Boulder shows us the depth of this colour within our own landscape.

Boulder is available in our Number 2 range, a collection of 4ply yarns, each crafted from one sheep breed exclusively. As a woollen spun yarn, Number 2 is perfect for woolly, rustic garments with soft stitch definition - ideal for staying warm on those blustery beach walks.

Smoke is the darkest of grey shades - those big slate rocks which look like they’re as old as time and have whole ecosystems living underneath them. The kind which you wouldn’t dare touch for fear of disrupting a crab which has made its home sandwiched between sand and slate. It's the grey which is only occasionally disrupted by the bright white fossil of a creature which lived years ago.

Smoke is in our Number 1 range, a single ply lace weight yarn. Totally breed specific, Smoke can be traced back to the Shetland flock that produced it here in West Wales, meaning that it is as much a part of the Welsh countryside as slate is. Our Number 1 yarns are perfect for lightweight shawls and lacework - you can even pair them with a skein of Cairngorm for a pop of colour.

Number 1 Smoke

Beacons Heron

Heron is that cool grey, almost-blue shade which can be found on the pebble beach of Ceibwr, nested in between lighter limestone rocks. It's the ultimate sea-kissed slate shade - full of the colours of the fault line with Ceibwr sits on beside the Irish Sea.

As a member of our Beacons range, Heron is a DK weight, worsted spun, deliciously round 3-fold yarn with plenty of bounce. Knitted up it had exceptional stitch definition and the most beautiful drape. Knit up as a shawl, Heron can bring a little bit of our moody seascape into your life.

Tin is the bluest grey and the perfect mixture between pebble and sea. It's the layers at the bottom at the cliff which the sea rises and falls from every day, staining the slate with the most beautiful blue-green tint. Although Tin is a grey shade, it has such a great depth and breadth as a blue shade, making it the perfect representation of Ceibwr, where rock meets water.

As a Cairngorm yarn, Tin is lace weight, perfect for lightweight shawls and lace cardigans. Our Cairngorm range is delicately crafted from Romney lambswool, produced from the first clip at around 6-8 months old. These short, silky fibres are a treat for woollen spinning and make the most beautiful lightweight summer cover ups. Ideal for a beach day!

Cairngorm Tin

Take yourself on a beach trip to Ceibwr and discover the beauty of this geological site with our grey shades.

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