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Organic Socks

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Produced from our signature blend of organic Polwarth and Romney wool, these socks are super soft whilst remaining hardwearing thanks to the addition of 20% organic cotton.

These socks are bespoke manufactured by a small sock mill in South Wales less than 30 miles from Garthenor Farm.

50% Organic Polwarth Wool

30% Organic Romney Wool

20% Organic Cotton

Elasticated cuff

Hand Linked Toe

When closing the toes, each pair of socks is hand linked - a labour intensive, highly skilled process that results in a totally flat, almost invisible seam for sueprior comfort.

We've chosen to highlight this with a navy stripe across the toe.

Made in Wales

The finest yarn needed the finest sock makers, and we looked no further than Corgi Socks in West Wales. Located less than 30 miles from Garthenor Farm, we worked closely with the factory to develop a pattern that worked perfectly for our yarn.

Fully Traceable

The wool for our socks is sourced directly from two farms - Polwarth from Dunbar in the Falkland Islands, and Romney from Wiltshire in Southern England.

We chose to add an end of cotton to the knit for durability without adding any nylon, and worked with Ferrari, in Brescia, Italy to select the perfect cotton for strength and softness.