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Garthenor × Alex Collins Project Bags

Handmade organic cotton project bags made by Alex Collins.

These project bags are perfect for your on-the-go projects, with no zip to catch or damage yarn. Each one has been hand sewn by Alex, and they're made from sturdy but soft certified organic cotton using environmentally conscious, non-toxic inks.

The Project Bags are screen printed with the same design on each side, and will hold around 600g of yarn and your needles.

The Sock Sacks are hand stamped with Garthenor on one side and Henorius on the other, and will hold around 100g of yarn and your needles.

Note: If you're new here, Henorius (the design on the blue Project Bags and reverse of the Sock Sacks) was our first ever collection of dyed yarns!

Project Bag Size: 24cm x 26cm (w x h)

Sock Sack Size: 19cm x 25cm (w x h)

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